Welcome April, Spring and a New Yoga Challenge. Starting today and for the next 13 days we will be taking our body and our mind into another place. We will prove ourself we are capable of many things we thought we weren’t.

As we have informed previously our challenge will focus on achieving Bakasana or Crow Pose a posture from the Ashtanga Yoga First Series. The invitation through this challenge is to give it a try and let go of any personal judgements you have of yourself. Remember we are the ones and only that create limits in our minds. We will be working from the preparation into the strength and onto faith through out 13 days. We will be sharing 4 videos for you to be able to achieve the posture.

We are more excited to see the progress of everyone than just the final picture, so the challenge starts today and we will be waiting for your progress pictures. Take pictures of yourself practicing so the whole community and yourself can see the progress of dedication, patience and practice. We don’t need pictures of the perfect picture just yet, but if you achieve the posture way sooner feel free to post your final picture. Make sure to share if on our Facebook Page or Instagram using the hashtag #livelifeyogachallenge. This time we will be giving out a gift for the man and woman who show more engagement with the challenge, that means the boy and girl that shares the whole progress through pictures. We will have a gift for each!

Ready? Here’s your preparation video!

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