From the nutritional point of view, almost daily we are confronted (my colleagues and I) to the famous question “when you give me a diet to lose the extra weight?”

As we saw last week diet it not a weight loss program, it is simply what we eat on a daily basis. If there is something true about weight loss programs and restrictive menus, is that a restrictive menu on its own won’t create and build long lasting changes. Many of you might have experienced the “yoyo” behavior, where you go up and down with weight drastically without having a point of arrival. For this and because we are true believers that only when we find what makes us really happy, we can discover real wellness, is why Live Life Nutrition for the Soul speaks about wellness and not nutrition on it’s own.

Our wellness counseling uses a unique method of measurements and interventions to ensure 100% results when the person is really compromised with itself. When you decide to enter a wellness counseling with Live Life you won’t walk into a diet,  you won’t suffer inhumane restrictions and you won’t enter a process of obligatory activities which you don’t like. We try to get to know each person, and structuring structure a diet having into consideration his/her preferences, food weaknesses and one’s real needs. And this applies from elite athletes, passing through vegans/vegetarians, to anyone seeking a healthy weight loss.

When we talk about the real needs is because we use the latest technology so that you get to know yourself further. Everything you receive in our counseling has a scientific basis and numerical results that allow you to understand how you are in the present moment versus how you could be to achieve maximum wellness. So Live Life is not only about know if what you ‘re eating or not is appropriate but we also evaluate:

1. Physical activity (your level of physical activity, type of exercise and/or sport vs. your needs and recommendations)
2. Weight variations in time and body composition directly related to your bone structure (Fat vs. Muscle)
3. Sleep quality (both the time you usually invert into sleeping, and from that time how much is really a profound healing sleep)
4. The condition of the heart (how your body is form the inside out, including cardiovascular risk and how to prevent it)

This is why we cover the 5 things that directly affect our health. Nutrition alone is an editable component, but sooner or later we will return to old habits if we don’t find a proper balance with the rest of the things we do on a daily basis.


So this is why “diets for loosing weight” is not our mission. Nutrition and Wellness go far beyond that, and so we seek that each and everyone gets to know how their body functions, starting from how we sleep to what our eating pattern looks like, in order for you to visualize the importance to make changes for the wellness we all deserve.

“If it’s important for you, you’ll find a way to do it, if it’s not , you’ll find an excuse.” And you … how much time of your entire day do you invest in your well-being?

Our counseling is carried out in Bogotá and Cali (Colombia). For more information contact us at

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