Each year yoga practice gets stronger and somehow it gets more “fashionable”, and thus there’s something important from my personal experience I would like to share with you. Doing yoga is not just doing a headstand, yoga is not going to a gym class where a teacher makes you aerobic stretching, yoga is not crossing your legs and closing your eyes, yoga is not standing as a warrior.

Doing yoga is a path that comes from within and that is reflected on the outside, and that’s the problem when the world tries to commercialize a practice that dates back hundreds of years ago and which has a significant background, much stronger than doing a headstand or a split.


For almost 4 years I had the opportunity to meet many yogis to share beliefs and points of view, to be under the guidance of excellent teachers, to learn about new trends in cooking, but I was also a victim of marketing and was driven into classes that where called yoga but had nothing to do with it at all.

So today my invitation is to all of you who have wanted to try a yoga practice but have not decided after all, or to those who have not had a meaningful experience. The first thing you need to know is that the the modern world offers many variations of yoga from Hatha to Bikram passing through Ashtanga and Kundalini among others, yet they all seek the same goal. The kind of practice has much to do with individual preferences, so before you take any class you could seek what type of classes are given at your reach and which one goes accordingly to your needs. A yoga class that includes an activation of the chakras as an introduction, which involves exercises (asanas), that gives you a space to breath (Pranayma) and finally ends with a relaxation or meditation session is a complete class that will bring you many benefits.

When yoga is practiced regularly and we do it with awareness, we begin to grow from within. So I want to share with you some of the many benefits that yoga gives us, because I believe that the more and more we become practicing yoga, gradually this world will be a very different place.

1. Improves the immune system
2. Improves sleep
3. Improves mood and the ability to see the positive and not always negative
4. Improves sexual performance
5. Prevents or improves the condition of migraines
6. Reduces food cravings and anxiety in general
7. Improves muscle tone
8. Improves breathing and circulation
9. Improves digestion
10. Decreases the level of cortisol released by stress and prevents weight loss hormone.

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