Sometimes we think that dieting or achieve a desired weight is just a matter of weeks. Weeks in which we make many sacrifices but in which the final reward is to see the desired number on the scale. In Live Life we teach our patients that more than a number on the scale everything that should go with it is a healthy, dedicated, wellness process in which the most important relies on love and respect for one’s body. Today we want to share the story of Andrés and his wife Vanessa, one of the many couples who show us that even when we started a shift towards a better “me” the support of the person we love is an extremely valuable tool that helps us move forward.


“Vane and I got married on October 2011 after five years of dating, time during which neither of us was characterized by leading a very healthy life, we wanted to take youth to the fullest, travel, eat out and work hard to maintain the lifestyle that was further accentuated in the first two years of marriage. And while we were enjoying life, in two years I gained weight and reached 84 kilos. I had a very busy schedule at work, and it was very demanding, thus I used to have my blood pressure through the roof. Vane was an athlete through college and even kept better eating habits than I did, yet she didn’t returned to practice any sport.

In my family we were never great athletes, and although I practiced some sports at school it was very regularly. Vane turned her discipline into laziness like me and put aside all the exercise she used to do.  As for weight matter, I’ve never been a thin guy, but despite my bone structure I had never weighed 84 kilos and never before had I use size pants 34 (quite tight!). I had done many diets in my life which had worked for a while, yet I think I’d never lost weight in a healthy manner as now; eating right and exercising! That means leading a healthy life. Vane on the other hand never had weight issues because fortunately she doesn’t like junk food like me and was very aware of what she ate more than me, but her weakness has always been desserts which she ordered on Saturdays and Sundays tempting me to do so.


In late 2012 concerned about our health , we signed up to a gym but as many of us, we were just not disciplined enough to se good results, and so we understood that exercise without a balanced diet is only half the equation. In September 2013 we met Maria Paula and Live Life consulting program and from there our life’s were changed. She taught us that extreme diets are not sustainable and that all foods are needed, we just need to know our needs and learn to combine them. The equation to control your weight is simple, burn more calories than you eat, but eating less than the right amount can be harmful to your health as well, something very few of us have present. This is how I learned that weight loss is just a natural result of a healthy life, and once we improve our food we can as well work harder in physical exercise. Maria Paula motivated us to be more dedicated in the gym and so we began to alternate gym and running. Two years ago we could not even jog one kilometer and we are now running in the mornings between 5 km up to 10k on weekends. We finished smoothly a 10k race and my goal for this year is the half marathon in Bogota.

We continue traveling, go out to restaurants and continue living the life that we like, but we have added two additional components, food and exercise. Now when we travel, we pack our running shoes and we exercise, when we go to a restaurant we eat until we are satisfied, not full and we avoid those places that are just not healthy. We add fruits and vegetables to our menu and most importantly, we found that healthy food is just as good or even better than what we thought.

In less than six months I have lost 12 kilos naturally, my blood pressure has gone down and I feel great. Vane on the other hand has also dropped a couple of kilos, but more importantly, like it is for many women, she has dropped measures and fat percentage. Today I am thankful for having a healthier life, but most of all to do it as a couple”

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