Many people wonder if I gave up on a typical, rustic sandwich when I became vegan. Well…..Not precisely!

As I turned into vegan I did wonder how I would replace one of my most common breakfasts, a ham and cheese sandwich! But because everything is about searching for alternatives, I have to say I found the best, and you won’t believe me but it tastes sooo much better :)

Vegan Sandwich 3

Nowadays we can find vegan cheese made out of soy in regular supermarkets (let me know if you wan’t specific names) and ham, well much easier, made out of sesame or soy, it’s just a great alternative.

The cheese I used in this one was an american type of cheese made out of soy. Yet I have to INFORM YOU GUYS that the soy cheese found in some supermarkets even though it says soy cheese some contain casein, so if you don’t mind it vegetarian it’s ok, if you are looking for vegan watch out. I tried this one an a white mozzarella type and I do have to say I liked the mozzarella much more. Anyway both are great!

Would you like to give it a try? Let me know I’ll share with you places where you can get the ingredients.

Vegan Sandwich

Vegan Sandwich2

Have it for breakfast with a smoothie like the ¨Beat¨ The Beet Smoothie

Vegan Sandwich 4

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