I might have mention more than once my debility for chocolate. Surely after becoming vegan changing from the traditional/commercial milk chocolate to dark chocolate was a big leap. I always thought if was just impossible for me to like dark chocolate. But I never closed the door, I freed my mind and was more than opened to try something new. To my surprise, ever day I fall in love with dark chocolate, again and again. Finding new ways to have my cocoa is just one of the biggest pleasures, but today was a top notch. Having a vegan, raw, chocolate dessert is just perfect.

chocolate mousse3

That’s why we have made the perfect recipe for you so you can go ahead and have it in one of the most amazing places I’ve been to. Píkolo Gourmet, a artisan bakery, located in Cali, Colombia, my city. If you wan’t to have this amazing dessert feel free to hang by, you can ask for Live Life recommendations, because they do have more than one vegan dessert.

So today we leave you with our pictures to delight you!

Go here to find our more about Píkolo Gourmet and it’s location.

chocolate mousse1

chocolate mousse2

chocolate mousse4

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