We have talked about fruit portions and the importance of having fruits and vegetables on a daily basis on past days. However, a common mistake is to use juices to meet fruit requirements. Juices are not bad, the thing is nowadays we rarely have before us a natural homemade juice with no additives, no sugar and real pulp. The invitation today is to reevaluate what we often drink with our meal, we might be surprised.

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Can I eat fruits and drink juice with breakfast?

There is nothing wrong with having juice with breakfast while eating a fruit portion. However it’s not that good when we drink commercial juices, canned or otherwise frozen pulps with added sugars. That’s why Live Life always makes an invitation to have smoothies instead of plain juices, you can check out recipes here.

What is the difference between a smoothie and a juice, which one is better?

When we prepare a smoothie with either fresh or frozen fruit it’s as if we were eating the whole fruit, unlike juices that are strained before drinking. A smoothie has all the benefits of the fruit, including the fiber and all the vitamins and minerals in it. To prepare a juice, we usually blend it with water and sugar, and then strain it. That means first we diluted the nutritional value by adding water, then we add empty calories by adding sugar and finally we’ve removed the fiber and many vitamins and minerals that are trapped in the strainer.

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So it is better to eat the fruit than drink juice?

With the above explanation we have seen clearly that it is much better to eat fruit if we compare it with the traditional homemade juice or a commercial one. If we compare with the fruit smoothie, smoothie as end up being the best choice for you in just beaten liquefy up to 4 servings of fruits and drink them in a glass of about 10 ounces . This makes it meet the requirement of fruits and vegetables we talked even easier last week.

So juices make me gain weight?

Juices themselves are not responsible for us gaining weight, what makes us gain weight is the excess energy we consume throughout the day. If you tend to overeat and you drink juice that have added sugar they might be one of the reason you keep adding calories. So if we use sweet fruits to prepare our smoothie we will have all the benefits of the fruit without adding sugar, this allows us have different drinks other than water with our meal, without gulping down empty calories. Remember it’s not juices nor desserts nor carbs that makes us fat, what makes us fat is the excess of all this in hand with a low or non existent physical activity.

And what about juice extracts? can I replace my juices and my meals for these drinks?

Today it’s very common to see people avoiding foods, not having breakfast and instead drinking extracts of celery, apples, and ginger. The big mistake with these drinks is that it will never ever replace a main dish, and so it will play with your health by providing very little nutritional value in terms of fiber and energy all which brings you down and makes you lose weight by loosing water and decreasing glycogen stores. These extracts are ideal as a shot of vitamins and minerals since absorption is much faster because there is no fiber, yet this should not replace the consumption of whole fruits and vegetables. They can complement a balanced diet but not a meal.

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