“Freedom is the will to be responsible to ourselves.” Friedrich Nietzsche 

I’m a true believer that certain situations can change the road of our lives if we are aware of them and their consequences.

It was a Wednesday afternoon and I was sitting outside the emergency room, waiting for my Husband to be called. Suddenly a woman sits right beside us, talking on her cellphone. Somehow her conversation managed to get my attention by what she was saying so I turn around to have a look and saw an elderly woman holding her cellphone with her shoulder against her ear, a hot chocolate drink on one hand and a cheese bread stick on the other.

I heard her say:

“I woke up with a high blood pressure, higher than normal. I came to the hospital to get my prescription modified with a higher dose…(the conversation continues and then she replies) …..Oh no, no, I didn’t had breakfast this morning, just a cup of coffee so I just grabbed something to eat over here”


My reflection point today addresses the need for us to engage in a more conscious, interested, responsible and self-respectful life. Somehow I feel we have permitted the system (call it as you wish) to take control over our decisions, our responsibilities, our likes and dislikes but overall, our lives. I somehow understand why today there’s no need of taking responsibility for our actions.

Why should we, if the system has brought up every kind of solution, to every potential disaster?

I wonder if this woman could have been a little more conscious of her situation and instead, made the effort to have a healthy breakfast, or even more try to change eating habits as a consequence of her health condition.

As the well-known, mind-body healing pioneer, Deepak Chopra says, “The everyday choices we make affect not only our physical health, but all dimensions of our collective health and well being. This is not to say that pharmaceutical and surgical interventions are not warranted. Indeed, as a doctor I know they can often be the difference between life and death. But looking at them to solve all of our illnesses has made us as a society overlook the powerful self-healing mechanisms within us. We ought to bear in mind that 80% of prescribed drugs are optional treatments or marginal benefit.”[1]

Sincerely I wouldn’t disagree.

Don’t you think there is a lot we can do for ourselves TODAY, and yet we presume it’s someone else’s responsibility?

So this is an invitation for us all, to reflect upon our responsibility and self-love. What are we doing to be better persons inside and out?

Believe that simple decisions like having a healthy meal today, being more active, or doing some kind of stress reliving activity, will have accumulative benefits for your emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Remember…it’s our decision to Live Life! :)

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