Everywhere we hear that having breakfast is important to be healthy, however, among the thousands of magazines and articles that run daily in the media we now don’t know if we should or should not have breakfast, and if so, what is a healthy breakfast after all. So today we want to talk about many of the questions that arise when it comes to breakfast, and its relation to weight loss, deteriorating health and even fitness.deayuno 1

I’ve been through many diets, so many that now I don’t eat breakfast and yet I can’t managed to lose weight. Why?

Not having breakfast is one of the least healthy habits out there. In fact it’s the worst you can do for a healthy weight loss. Not having breakfast is linked to cardiovascular disease as a result of overweight , obesity and the risk of developing diabetes. When we skip breakfast our glucose levels fall more than they should as a consequence of an extended fast going from almost 10 hours to about 16 if we manage to have lunch at a decent time. What happens really often is that lunch and the following meals tend to be very high in calories since the body asks us for energy in order to regulate glucose. In the end we ended up eating more calories, despite not having breakfast, that’s why our weight does not move, and even in many cases it moves upward since you end up eating much more in two meals than in three.

I was never taught the habit of having breakfast, what consequences does that have?

If we see it from a very basic point it is like trying to get your car to work without putting gas. Same goes on with our bodies, if the last meal we’ve had was the previous day at about 7 or 8 pm , and we got up and did not eat until lunch, then we have gone on an empty tank. This is what you see reflected in symptoms such as sleepiness, recurrent yawning, poor attention and difficulty remembering things. Furthermore, and perhaps the most serious is the risk of diabetes, a problem that arises over the years as we go through life skipping breakfast. When you skip breakfast your average blood glucose throughout the day tends to be much higher than in those who eat breakfast * 1. This affects fasting glucose as well leading to a possible long-term development of type 2 diabetes.

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I exercise early in the morning, should or shouldn’t I have breakfast before training ?

This recommendation is as specific as “what should I eat for breakfast?”. If you exercise as part of your wellness projection, that means your workouts don’t exceed the hour or 90 minutes of training, it’s not bad to consume a fruit or a small portion of a smoothie before heading for your workout, especially if your meal the day before was very early. However under these conditions is not a rule to eat, since in one hour you will not consume all of the glycogen deposits even when coming from a fasting state. If instead you get up to train with high intensity and prolonged session going from 2 to 3 hours or more, it is important that you eat something before and preferably during the activity. Remember that the needs and ways to adapt are unique and individual so we can not generalize this recommendation, and it is important to perform a complete nutritional assessment to determine your energy expenditure and muscle wasting during your workouts in order to determine if you require certain portions of food before, during and after training.

I do not usually eat breakfast, because I have never time. What can I do?

Developing the healthy habit of having breakfast can only be done if you are convinced of doing so. Nowadays we have on hand many easy breakfast options but not all are healthy, so if you really want to make the change, it all begins from the moment you go to the supermarket. In Live Life have many quick and easy recipes you can use in your breakfast even if you are in a hurry so you can take it with you if you. Remember, making changes is not always easy, but if it’s for your own wellness, why not?

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* 1 Kobayashi F , et al. Effect of breakfast skipping on diurnal variation of energy metabolism and blood glucose . Obes Res Clin Pract (2013 )

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