Music is part of my life just as running. Few times I go out for a run without music, just because I’m able to hit a run within nature. But because that happens very sporadically I prefer to boost my runs with music, and ignore traffic :)

It’s simple, music makes me HAPPY, music makes me wanna RUN!


So the big question always is WHAT MUSIC? I’ve known people who find a boost in what I consider very strange music, like perhaps Salsa, but come on, we are all different and that’s what makes this place amazing doesn’t it?

My like is definitely a pop-rock-dance style that has the beats to take me at a certain pace.

So my brother shared this amazing app with me…and I do have to say it’s amazing. It’s called FITRADIO. You can find it for free in the App store. Today I used the Top 40 playlist for an 8k run….it was more than perfect :)

I’ve tried tons of apps, the playlists are kinda crappy, in others the streaming isn’t that good, and others you just can’t close the app and open a workout app at the same time because the music will stop.

So yeah I do find a lot of good features in it, but the best is that it has a lost of genre playlist so I hope it fits all, if not, many of you.

Do you have any other recommended apps for training? Any specific songs? Share them!

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