“Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are.” There is no doubt that the food and drink you consume defines our expression and attitude. Without getting into the abstract issue of how foods define your mood, anxiety, temper, etc, what is really clear is that if what you eat as your daily energy intake overcome your calorie burn, these surpluses will become our weight gain and thus become a possible disease. In conclusion, we must find the balance between what we eat and what we spend, and voila, the problem is over.

So the key is to know what and how much to eat and drink. I solved this question when I met María Paula and Live Life. I met her through my wife when I saw her get home with a star that told how her all wellbeing was distributed having into account, how long she slept , her body composition, the amount of exercise done, what she ate and how her heart was working.Javier Lastra

Before/After (-3.5 kg)

I didn’t doubt a second on requesting my appointment with Maria Paula. It’s great to get to know yourself a little better, how your overall wellness is and what you need to eat, in what quantities, and how much exercise should you do to keep your body in balance. No sacrifice is needed, if you see it that way you started off with the wrong foot. This is a process you should do in harmony, enjoying every step. You’ll feel gratitude in the delights that nature offers in all foods (Exchanges – as taught by Maria Paula) if you do it properly according to your needs.

If you’ve decided to look after your health and achieve wellness in one hundred percent, create the path so you can have everything at your fingertips when it comes to quality and time, the first step is consulting with a professional, no doubt your body and soul will thank you. What are you waiting for to start your new path? Start today the path toward a better you! Soon you will notice the change. Spice up life , serve your community, but first begin with serving yourself.

Javier Lastra

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