Smoothies are a great way to meet our daily needs of fruits (5 fruits a day). I’m a true believer that for those who find eating whole fruits a complete boredom, have smoothies as their life saver :) Their not just a drink, and moreover NOT a simple juice. Their texture makes it more of an experience and it’s just so refreshing, and the most important PACKED with nutritional value! :)

When smoothies are prepared with whole fruits either fresh or frozen is as if you eat the whole fruit, different from juices which are blend and then passed through a strainer. You might be asking then “Juices are no good? But wait, since I was a kid I’ve been told to drink juices instead of sodas, was my mom and my grandmother always wrong?” NO!

What goes on with juices now is a whole new storie. Yes, I have to say that even though fruit juice has changed over time, smoothies keep being more packed with nutrients. When we used to have mom or grandparents or even aunts prepare HOME MADE JUICES they did have at least pulp and in the worse case scenario a little bit of added sugar. However nowadays we find supermarkets shelves stacked with hundreds of  “Fresh” Fruit Juices. The fact is that packed juices just to make shelve life worth it, are packed with chemicals, big amounts of sugar and many don’t even have fruit or pulp, they are just flavored water with a nice package.

Packed juices have become a suitable option for on the run drinks and even lunch boxes, yet we should re think when we buy and most important, read the white nutritional label on the back, it will let you know how much sugar it has, and if you go onto ingredients you might find out it doesn’t even have fruit. So next time just take 5 minutes and make a smoothie, believe me it doesn’t take any longer, and you might be boosting your system with a cascade of nutrients, a MUST DO after workouts!

Sweet Post Workout Smoothie (serves 1)


1 cup of frozen blackberries
1/4 cup of frozen strawberries
1/2 frozen banana
1/2 canned peach
1 tbs of wheat grass


1. Add all ingredients into blender and add a bit of water so it blends smoothly. Be careful not tu add a lot because it might loose the smoothie texture we love.

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