You are always on a rush in the morning so you usually skip breakfast? Skipping breakfast has been linked to an increased factor of obesity, diabetes and all the health problems that derive from those. So, let’s start by not skipping breakfast :)

quinua cereal1

Oh but wait, how do I do that if I’m ALWAYS on a hurry, the kids, school, hubby, work, you getting ready, traffic, and the list goes on. Well there are lot’s of options as having ready everything you need the night before so yu just have to sit down and eat. But if you don’t even have time for that cereals are always a great way to kick up the day. Remember the key is moderation and if you can include fruits you will have a balanced meal.

So that is why today we share with you this health super fast option:

Super Fast Breakfast:

Mix quinoa cereal, with soy milk and add blueberries, banana, strawberries and  some pecans! You will have the benefits of quinoa which you can read here, your fruit portion, no dairy milk, and a bit of healthy fats, just perfect before you start your day!

quinua cereal2

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