Moving into day 2 we have a very common smoothie or shake you find around commercial spots even restaurants. However we are giving it a bit more of a twist with one fruit, and remember if you have anything else at home you will like to try go ahead!

For those making smoothies for the first time, the trick is to have you fruit frozen. So if you just got from the supermarket, wash your fruit, peel it if necessary and put it in the fridge. You will then pull out what you need, and put it into your blender. This way you will have perfect smoothie consistency. Oh and for those who just don’t have time because are always in a rush, if you hoped into the challenge without frozen fruit just put it fresh and add some ice!

strawberry-banana twist3

So for tomorrow, day 2. Just pull out the following

Strawberry – Banana Twist Smoothie (Serves 1 Small)


1 cup of frozen straberries
2 bananas
2 kiwis
1 spoon of chia seeds (remember that if you don’t have any, no problem, just skip it)

strawberry-banana twist1


1. Put all the frozen fruit into the blender and blend. Enjoy as part of your breakfast.

strawberry-banana twist2

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