This is a very easy, simple salad that can get you out of the problem if you had nothing planned for that special visit, or even more if you are in a hurry to cook you own meal. Simple, easy, tasty, and more important, very nutritious. It work great as a side salad.

Easy Salad – 5 Ingredients 

Lettuce – 2 leaves
Avocado – 1 Medium Slice
Finely Sliced Almonds – 1 tbsp
Cranberries – 1 tbsp
Mushrooms – 3 slices
Cherry Tomato – 4 units

Remember you don’t have to keep you’re measurements exact, if you happen to like one ingredient more feel free to add it.


1. Wash all ingredients accordingly

2. Crumble the lettuce into small pieces

3. Slice the remaining ingredients and toss all together.

4. Serve and Voilá!

You can use any dressing you like, olive oil and vinegar work great. This time I used the Honey Mustard dressing I used on the previous post. You can check it out here

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