We usually live very busy to realize that what is basic for us on a daily basis, for others it’s something they yearn to receive. On December we committed on not giving gifts to ourselves, instead, do something that we were wanting to do some time ago. We wanted to give a little of what we have, that which many of us usually spare, but do nothing about it. So we got clothes, shoes, toys, and things we do not use and that at home they have no utility, and give them to those individuals who almost daily go unnoticed by society.

This was the way we wanted to thank life for giving us a special place in this world, because we do not choose where we are born. Our way to thank our families for always being present and support us in the good and the bad, our thanks to our friends for supporting our craziness and our thanks to the Live Life community for being the engine that drives us every day by showing us that there is no greater happiness than to help others be happy.

We packed without being sure what would be the reaction of these people, and I think in the end, we got more from them with their smiles, gratitude and good vibes, than what we could really give them. We reiterate ourselves once again, that society often puts a curtain in front and teaches us to judge a prototype of individuals without even meeting them in flesh and bones. Not because they are on the street are they drug addicts, not because they walk with a sack are they thieves and aggressive, not because they are dirty and extended their hand for money are they indigent. They are human beings just like us, that unfortunately the circumstances in which they were born were not the best, and where the neglecting and indifference attitude of a society make them find ways to cope with hunger, thirst, sleep and the right to dress, just because they want to live!

Here’s a little video of some of the gifts we handed out downtown Bogota, Colombia.

The change starts when we share … Share this video!

P.D. We all know it’s 2014, we just wanted to know if you were paying attention 😉
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