Science exists so we can learn a little beyond what our eyes can see at a glance, yet I do believe each person decides what he/she believes and puts into practice what he/she deems appropriate.

While many who know me know that I am a firm believer in the natural, logical and really simple, I studied and continue studying in the field of science. A field I consider makes us more critical and investigative before we expose what we think and what we believe in, than just replicating what we read in Showbiz magazines. Whenever I read scientific articles I question the study, since I do know that even though many do not carry personal interests or industrial financing, many others are conducted with samples, conditions, and parameters that seek to promote a specific outcome in order to promote products, methodologies, services etc.

I like to be critical and question results, so I’ll take this opportunity to tell you that in this website you will never find an ABSOLUTE truth, this page is to expose what I find in science, and experience myself, that might be useful to replicate in our lives. So feel free to question and investigate yourself in order to choose and replicate what you might consider personally useful.

Each day there are more and more patients asking me about trends and beliefs as the pineapple and tuna diet, paleolithic diet, diet based on blood type, protein supplementation for athletes, the use of energy drinks and gels for long duration competitions. Also, if it’s true that fruits make us fat because of fructose, that pineapple water in the morning makes us loose weight, that if eating beans at night makes us gain weight, that if mixing diferente type of proteins impairs metabolism, and so on ….. many things that may sound so crazy and others so certain. Every day new diets are created, “powder” for athletes (yeah I call them powder because they have nothing that makes me consider them food), diet shakes and many other products/services that deceive the consumer by promising instant results.

As I said I have no absolute truth but I do know how science works, so while I can I will bring up trending topics and myths vs. science and logic. Then, you will be in the ability to judge what’s really real, sane, healthy and above all, good for our wellness.

Welcome Readers, I’m honored to have you here!

And just so we stop thinking about EVERYTHING for just a minute, I’ll leave you with this…


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