As a #1 fan of Peanut Butter I have to say the perfect post-workout snack/breakfast has to be a P&J sandwich, bread, or whatever you wanna call it :)

I’m on my way to trying a homemade peanut butter, so I hope to bring that post soon!

I’m currently buying at the super market the traditional peanut butter which we all know has more than just peanuts, so that’s why I would like to try a more natural, chemical free peanut butter.

But for now feel free to have this delicious snack/treat/breakfast after your workout. It’s a perfect combination to cover the requirements of an intense (more than 90 minutes) post workout meal which are*1:

  • Replace muscle glycogen. Ideally a meal that provides 1 to 1.5 grams of carbohydrate for every kilogram of body weight during the first 30 min after working out.(example: if you weigh 55 kg you should have a meal that provides between 55 and 82 g of carbohydrate.)
  • Ensure rapid recovery (a meal containing protein will help to repair muscle tissue)

Endurance athletes, which training more than 90 minutes a day in different sessions or have very high intensity training day after day should focus on timing of foods post workout to ensure glycogen recovery and maximize performance. The average runner, or fitness fan doesn’t need to worry about this since glycogen deposits are rarely depleted.

P & J

2 bread slices
2 tbsp of Jelly
2 tbs of peanut butter

The average carbohydrate in this preparation is about 62 grams, and about 10 g of protein.

P&J 1

Have it with any Smoothie as a great post workout meal :)


*1 American College of Sports Medicine, American Dietetic Association, and Dietitians of Canada. “Nutrition and Athletic Performance” 2009

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  • Luisa Fernanda Velásquez Maldonado says:

    Hola! Una pregunta puede reemplazarse la jalea por mermelada?
    Debe ser light la mermelada??

    • Hola Luisa! La preparación es con mermelada, no especificamente jalea. Si es para un post entrenamiento mayor a 90 minutos y de alta intensidad yo prefiero que sea mermelada tradicional, si evidentemente es azúcar, pero el cuerpo necesita reponer energía. Puede ser mermelada hecha en casa como la Mermelada de agraz Si es un día donde no entrenas pero te gusta la preparación puedes usar mermelada light y comer una sola tajada. Saludos!

  • it is a excellent weblog and that i like it very much!

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