Orange juice has been known for years as the perfect juice specially at breakfast, yet each day we happen to buy more commercial juice, a sugar packed up drink, just because we don;t have time. If you are a regular buyer of soft drinks or canned juices just ask yourself what does that juice have in it that makes it durable for years, if you’ve ever made natural juice at home you know it won’t last more than 2-3 days. The answer will always be sugar and chemicals, which after all doesn’t make it very natural.

orange strawberry2

So today we’re kicking up the notch, with an orange juice that it’s just more than just oranges :)

Orange Drink, more than an orange juice (serves 1 big)


1 banana
1 cup strawberries
1 cup home made fresh orange juice
3 spinach leaves


1. Prepare the orange juice with fresh oranges, do not strain or add sweeteners.

orange strawberry1

2. Add the remaining ingredients and blend. Feel free to add ice to make it even more refreshing.
orange strawberry4

Enjoy anytime, and try it out with several options as whole wheat bread and avocado!

orange strawberry3

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