Because when it comes to exercise, there are plenty of myths and tips we receive daily in the gym, through our friends or through our family. Today, we want to help you clear doubts and resolve myths around exercise and nutrition.

¿What are the most common mistakes regarding nutrition, that people make when exercising or working out ?

Nowadays those entering the world of gyms and that are driven by the actual fitness movement often fall into many myths, especially related to food. Advertising, and lack of information has led people to seek nutritional support from shakes, protein bars, supplements, etc. The reality is that very few people need such aid or supplementation, including elite athletes, the vast majority are able to meet their food needs through natural food. The use of gels and sports drinks, should be implemented only under exclusive conditions where the intensity and duration exceed 1 and a half hours of exercise. The frequent consumption of sports drinks is one of the biggest mistakes that many commit, they train, and then gulp down a bottle with the same amount of calories they just burned.

el ejercicio y su alimentacion

¿Any tips or advice for the average human that likes to exercise?

The requirements or features for an ideal pre-workout meal (not talking about high performance athletes or people who train more than 2 hours per day) are:

  • Provide fluids to maintain hydration
  • Low in fat and fiber to facilitate gastric emptying and minimize gastrointestinal discomfort
  • Be rich in carbohydrates to maintain blood glucose and maximize glycogen stores
  • Be moderate in protein (protein is not needed for exercising, protein is not the best food to extract energy from, instead, carbohydrates are. This is a myth that has gone for years roaming the world)
  • The most important thing is that food should be known and commonly used, never experiment with foods or preparations before a race or event.

Almond Banana Smoothie4

Banana and Almond Smoothie (A good idea for an energy boost before exercise)

¿How long after eating, it is advisable to exercise?

It is advised to consume foods maximum 1hour and a half or 2 hours prior to the activity. After this time you may feel gastrointestinal discomfort, as we have not completed digestion and while we are doing so, we are as well demanding the body to deal with its other functions in order to exercise.

¿If we did our daily routine, how long should we wait before we eat and what foods do you recommend?

This is relative, people who go to the gym or exercise for health and wellbeing, there is no specific time or foods that should be given after training. Some people who feel hungrier when exercising, while others their appetite shuts down. Only for high performance athletes specific foods should be used within a time span in order to replenish glycogen stores and be efficient in their recovery to get ready for the next training session. For the average human that exercises for health this conditions do not apply.

¿What kinds of food are ‘prohibited ‘ before and after exercise, since they might deplete faster or might reduce our energy, or even our facility to burn fat fast?

There are no forbidden foods, basically food should meet the requirements listed above, in order to provide a balanced meal, avoiding bloating, discomfort , nausea etc. If we have a balanced and healthy diet, no food will drain us or reduce our energy, a balanced nutrition for 24 hours is the major source of energy that we can give to the body. Nor are there any foods that burn fat specifically, foods is eaten and used to meet our daily needs, but if we exceed them, what we eat, then becomes fat and we start to gain weight. A balance between physical activity, exercise and a balanced nutrition allows us to be full of energy and with an adequate amount of fat within our bodies.

¿What are the main or basic rules to keep in mind if we want a balance between exercise and nutrition?

  • Food makes almost 90% of wellness, if we don’t eat well, we won’t have energy to exercise, on the other hand if we eat a lot, whatever exercise we do, is not going to help us keep our weight stable.
  • Being aware of what we eat, why we eat it, and in what quantities we do so, is the first step to approach a healthy eating
  • Enjoying exercise is the first step to include in our daily routine an exercise program, because if we find it annoying or boring it is very difficult to turn it into a habit.
  • Discover our daily needs and requirements, getting to know what our body needs is an essential key to develop and overall wellness.

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