This month has a cascade of new, refreshing news which we have been sharing with the whole community, something which certainly makes us very happy! Yet today we want to share one of the most important news. Starting tomorrow our new headquarters are opened. A larger place where we will be provide all the coaching you already know, plus a few more coming soon :).

We have created a place of peace, serenity, but above all a place where you can feel confident in order to be able to find yourself your unique path to individual wellness.

consultorio 3

We will be selling not only products linked to our wellness plans, but also unlinked items for your wellness, and soon … very soon, we will have for sale exclusive recipes that you can buy only at our place.

consultorio 2
Thanks to all the community for the support, all this is the result of the trust you deliver on us daily, and we hope you, just like us, will love the new headquarters! These photos are only a short preview, the rest is more than necessary to see with your own eyes!

See you there :)

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