In Live Life we make our on seeking what is best for the community and we try implementing new tools and sharing them with everyone in the journey to achieving maximum wellness. Because of this and because we know very well the adversities that we all face daily that affect our wellness negatively, today we are sharing with you the new entrepreneurship link that has emerged between Live Life Nutrition and InstaFit Colombia.

What is InstaFit?

InstaFit is a virtual training platform that shares our same vision of wellness, wanting to help daily, the community to live a full and healthy life.

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“InstaFit consists of an international team of young entrepreneurs fans of sports and healthy living that in 2013 decided to stop what we were doing to design a tool that would allow us to share the benefits of a healthy lifestyle with the Latin American audience. Along with Monica Fonseca, Daniel Cortes, fitness experts, nutrition and technology we have created a simple and funny customizable program that will guide you step by step into the best way to discover your body in just 10 weeks.”

What is the link Live Life Nutrition – InstaFit Colombia ?

Once a week we will be answering the questions and concerns that may pop up for you and the community about food and exercise. We are open to answering all questions, yet every week we will handle a specific topic that we hope will help you resolve the myths and doubts to achieve maximum wellness. So we invite you to stay in touch and participate by sending us any questions you would want to be answered by both teams, Live Life Nutrition and InstaFit Colombia.

For now enjoy your road to wellness, incorporating exercise and nutrition in the best way possible :)


María Paula Estela N.D
Wellness Coach – Founder Live Life Nutrition for the Soul

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