As we announced earlier this week we are launching the Live Life’s Team 2nd edition. Starting June 8th, and for almost 2 months we will be training for the Bogota’s Half Marathon Event, including 21k and 10k.

IMPORTANT NOTE: YOU DON’T need to be a runner to join the team, if you’ve never ran but have always wanted to improve your condition you are more than welcome. If you are a super athlete and are looking for a community support we are more than happy to have you. Plus, if you are not planning on running neither 10k nor 21k NO PROBLEM, all of those who simply want to workout, have a better physic, and feel great, come on, JOIN US training will not be limited to running.

Check out last year training sessions and the team at the Bogota’s Half Marathon.

Meet your trainer and your friend :) María Paula


So, if you wanna be part of our community this is what you need to know, please read CAREFULLY and EVERYTHING:

1. Training involves a 7 week program schedule (group workouts, plus workouts for you to do on your own). Also we will be talking before or after training about sports nutrition and common myths.

2. Group sessions will be 2 session/week, 1 session on wednesday in the afternoon, 1 session on sunday early in the morning. (Exact time and place will be send to you once your inscription is confirmed via email)

3. Group session involves some running (not everything will be running-this you will do most on your own time) but many resistance training, outdoor activities and muscle gaining/fat burning workouts.

4. The team will be LIMITED to 25 members only. First 25 members to submit the form. (we really would love to have many more but we wan’t to guarantee a semi-personalized workout session and we want to be able to have eyes on all of you – avoiding injuries and soaking you into real hard workouts that will bring change into your body)

5. Price for the whole program is $42.00 dollars or 80,000 pesos. This you will pay on the first training session.

6. The first training session will be on Sunday June 8th, this will be the ONLY MANDATORY session if you want to join the team. People who subscribe and DO NOT SHOW UP on this FIRST session will loose the opportunity and the space will become available for those on the waiting list.

7. If you happen to miss any session money is not refundable. Days and training hours are not movable except for a especial occasion in which 50% of the team requires so.

8. Team shirt is not included in the price, if you would like to buy your shirt you can order it on the first week of training. Price will be given on the first training session.

9. By signing up the form and submitting it, you confirm that you understand that running and training is a potentially hazardous activity, which could cause injury or death. By submitting the form you certify that you are medically able to perform this training, and have no health contraindication.

10. Smile! You are about to join a health community that will help you improve your wellness to it’s maximum. Fill the form below and submit it, we will confirm you by e-mail your subscription.


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