Welcome to the Live LIfe Smoothie Challenge! On New Years Eve we made promises to ourselves, we promised to be healthier, we promised to eat better, we promised to exercise, and we promised to make the best out of our health. But as time goes by we usually forget our promises, and slack off of our promises! That’s why today we’re launching a healthy challenge, pushing you to keep on going with the healthy eating and taking your wellness to another level.

Starting tomorrow and for 7 days straight we are having smoothies as part of our breakfast. This way we will help cover our fruit and veggie requirements in an easy, fun way! We will be talking about the benefits along the challenge. We will post the recipe the night before, in the morning you will prepare your smoothie, take a picture and uploaded to Facebook or Instagram, tag us @livelifenutrition (instagram) @Live Life Nutrition For The Soul (Facebook) and use the hashtag #livelifesmoothies. Let’s see how many of you hop on the smoothie train! Who’s in?

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