A new year comes, usually with a sea of promises, commitments and new goals which we hope to accomplish in 365 days, either for ourselves or for those around us. But one thing is certain, and that is, that many lose our path, we forget the promises and new year’s resolutions, forgetting ultimately about ourselves.

Live Life invites you to start 2014 setting small goals, which in the end will be the only way to build the road to great achievements. The invitation is to let go of fear, to realize what our mind and body are capable of. So we are calling for all the #Headstands from those who want to be part of this first goal.

challenge 2

You’ll definitely have fun, you will find an inner strength that you might haven’t yet discover, and if not, you will at least enjoy the world from a unique perspective!

Beginning January 7, through the 31st, we will be giving tips sporadically to achieve this position, for those who will do so for the first time and for those who already dominate it, because the ultimate goal is to go break the routine.

The challenge is to take a picture doing a #headstand, upload it directly to Live Life’s fan page or to Instagram, in both cases use the hashtag #livelifeheadstand2014 and invite your friends to get as many likes as possible. Whoever gets more likes will receive a mystery prize that will help you keep maximizing your wellness. The hashtag is necessary to enter the contest!

Welcome to 2014, welcome to the new you!

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