Eating healthy is not only about making wise choices, actually it also means that we need to get involved a little more with what put into our mouths. And by that I mean getting a little more involved in the kitchen.

I know the kitchen is not a place for everyone, because many of us aren’t born being chefs, or with the ability to create dishes, but if one thing is certain is that as we engage more in the kitchen, 1st we awake our instinct for preparations and 2nd everything we eat becomes healthier. Certainly knowing how some foods are prepare, makes us more conscious about our decisions before eating.

Lentil Wrap1

That’s why today’s invitation is to engage a little more in the kitchen, and realize that we don’t have to be experts to do so. Today’s preparation is quick, simple, but without leaving behind the flavor and nutritional balance :)

Lentil Wrap (Serves 1)

1 wrap bread
3 slices of cucumber
3 slices of tomato
Onion to taste
Fresh Lettuce
2 slices of avocado
Lentil Burger (homemade or commercial)
Tahini Dip with saffron


1. Cut cucumbers, ​​tomato and onion

2. Cook lentil burger in a pan with little oil until browned on both sides

3. Prepare the tahini and add some saffron to the final mix. Spread the dip over the hamburger or bread

Lentil Wrap2

4. Add salt and pepper to taste

5. Enjoy this easy, fast, balanced dish

Lentil Wrap3

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