One of various Live Life priorities has been to provide wellness to the community not only in short term but also in long term. That’s why we have a Live Life – Withings partnership. Whitings is a French company that leads the market with its amazing technology in the health area.

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Last August the partnership came official, Withings – Live Life, thus offering the community a remote monitoring, both for those who live outside the city and for those that in the process have completed a percentage of their initial goals. In this way we provide the facility to control the parameters from the comfort of their homes, receiving all the support and professional monitoring via Internet.

Today , Juliana shares her story of what has been her process in Live Life , and her distance monitoring. Enjoy her story:

“I’ve always been a very active person and sports fanatic, which makes me want to know more about my wellness. I go to the gym daily, workout structured and personalized routines and also play sports very often, however, I never reviewed in detail if what I ate was right for the life I led, thus I heard many myths on the streets about sports and nutrition. For this reason I decided to join Live Life Nutrition, I began following through the internet and I liked their posts about fitness and meals. I was not really interested in losing weight because I’ve always managed a good weight, but I just wanted to know how to eat right (and by that I mean healthy) and slightly change the composition of fat/ muscle in my body.


Photo: Courtesy of Juliana

The concept that Live Life Nutrition offers is amazing because not only is a consultation with a nutritionist who focuses on food and diet. It is about approaching a lifestyle that completely changes your conception of being and feeling good involving different aspects (wellness is not only a matter of food and exercise). It offers a package that teaches you to live fully with maximum wellness, and best of all, they are there at any time, ready to give you a hand on what you need and answer any question that arises through the process.

The menu you receive is unique because it is actually made four YOUR daily needs, so you can ingest all the nutrients needed to be healthy and not feel tired. Diet is a word that does not go with this Live Life lifestyle. Hunger is something you will never feel, on the contrary I am eating more than before, but in an appropriate way, aware of portions sizes of different foods, somethings that keeps me satisfied at all times and makes me feel energized.


Photo: Courtesy of Juliana

Sleep was something that I did not pay much attention to, but Live Life Nutrition showed me how it should become one of my priorities because it is completely linked to wellness. Since then I try to at least sleep 7 hours a day, something that has immediately showed me the incredible change that those hours of sleep have in everyday life.

With only a month and a half implementing Live Life lifestyle according to my need, I have managed to lose almost half the fat percentage that I initially targeted down in almost six months and that same percentage I have earned in muscle mass, which is the best that has ever happened to me.  Also I have lost some weight (which was not my initial deal) and measures have gone down in many parts of my body (where measurements have not gone down is because I’ve gained muscle). The results are obvious because people tell me all the time that I look more fit, with a healthy body that looks amazing, and best of all, they tell me I look more alive, more energized. Best compliments one cannot have, and the most rewarding is that you know you’re not on starving diets or rare treatments that instead of helping you are making more damage.”

Juliana García U.

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