So I usually (or never) do selfies! Yet today is a day I’d like to share with the community. After my injury back in October and which we shared with all of you at the San Francisco half marathon, I am finally injury free. It’s been six months in which I was prohibited to run for at least 3 of them. Then I came back into running once or twice a month only (which feels almost like not running at all after you came from logging about 75 miles a month) I had to postpone my first marathon on January and I went fully into yoga for almost 3 months now. Surprisingly and without expecting anything I headed for a short run. Logged 5k with a nice pace to start off, but the most important I came back with no pain, anywhere . So yeah I thought this might be just the perfect reason to do what I usually never do! Hope to be back on track soon heading for more races. Loving how everything just falls into place, at the right moment!10155686_862256847133344_2733317772614284582_n

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