We’ve been asked to publish ahead of time the smoothie recipes. We are trying to keep the posts up to date, by publishing the night before, so you can have the recipe up by breakfast. However many have encounter with very few or even non of the ingredients in their kitchen. That’s why we are posting a list of the ingredients we will be using, just in case you wanna go to the supermarket and buy everything ahead of time, and be prepared :)

Remember that ingredients are not a MUST, the good thing about smoothies is you can make up your own or even try a little twist of the recipe now and then. If you do please let us know your twist so others can be encouraged about it.

ingredient list

So the list goes like this (don’t panic when you see “weird” ingredients for smoothies, they’ll all fall into place:

  • 2 cups of blueberries
  • 9-10 Bananas
  • 2 kiwis
  • 1 cup of pine apple
  • 2 medium/larga ripped mangos
  • 4-5 cups of strawberries
  • 3 Cups of spinach (or handfuls)
  • 2 cups of orange juice
  • 1/4 cup of almonds (sliced or whole)
  • 2 cups of almond or soy milk
  • A few dates (if you can’t get any you can substitute for honey or syrup)
  • 1 large beet
  • 1 purple cabbage
  • 1 small avocado
  • Raw cacao (fe tablespoons)
  • Wheatgrass (if you happen to find, no must)
  • Cinnamon powder (a pinch)
  • Chia seeds (if you happen to have, no must)

Don’t be intimated by the list, the good thing is you might have left overs when we finish the 7 days, that means you can still go on preparing smoothies!

Have a nice trip to the supermarket :) and hope you come back with bags full of wellness!

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