Isn’t eating out is one of the most anxious situations for anyone that is trying to loose weight, or has been confined to a strict diet plan, and even and for newly vegans and vegetarians?

At first glance, it is a situation many would like to avoid.

From a vegan perspective, people often ask me “What do you order when you eat out? There’s not much of a variety out there for you right? Do you always eat tofu? Isn’t it very difficult?”

Eating out

The truth is, it’s not. I won’t say it’s like hitting the super market and bingo, you got everything you wanted, but trust me, it is quite a fun experience to search and dig a little bit more before you decide what to eat.

Being a vegetarian or vegan, for sure requires you to know more about alternatives. The fact is I wish we would all questioned what we eat (how was it produced, where does it come from etc) and not only do so because we are interested in knowing if it has some kind of animal product in it, but just because….we are what we eat.

So that’s an invitation to you all, to read, search, and question what you eat daily, just so you know more about what goes into your body.

Getting back to our main question…

How can I enjoy eating out, without sabotaging my healthy habits, and yet not having to ditch all the “out-of-home” plans?

When ordering a meal have in mind the following

  1. How hungry are you? – determines your portion
  2. Is there an alternative portion size to that meal? – it helps you not to overeat, if you have it in front chances are you will eat it all, not needing it and ending up feeling, heavy, guilty, and even uncomfortable
  3. Are you planning on having a dessert? – if your dealing with a celebration that undoubtedly ends up with dessert, have it in mind so try to avoid having a large main course, and even an entrée or starter, like bread courtesy.
  4. Does the meal include fruits and/or veggies? – helps you meet your daily needs, gives color to your diets which in turn means more nutritional value
  5. Have you eating a lot today? – if you have overeaten already, avoid courtesy food, and try ordering a meal from the starter or entrée menu as a main course. Chances are, portion size will be automatically controlled.
  6. Are you thirsty? – order water! Many times we think ordering a cold coke or fruit juice to make it a “wiser” choice will satisfy our thirst. Chances are if you are thirsty, you have been long past the under consumption of your daily liquid needs.
  7. Are you having an alcoholic drink? –remember drinking alcohol accounts for extra non-nutritious calories to our diet, that means if you are having a drink, try to cut down more portion sizes.
  8. Does the meal include meats, eggs or dairy? – for vegetarians and vegans (remember dairy include mayo, almost al type of creams, and white base sauces.)
  9. Do you like an specific plate but you would rather other another type of cooking or removing/adding some ingredients? – go ahead, you are paying for your food so you are free to ask for smaller portions, different cooking methods like steamed instead of fried, removing cheese or other ingredients you might as well don’t eat.

Having all this in mind will guide you through your process of making a wise choice.

As a vegan, I love looking for vegan/vegetarian friendly places. Yet life is not always pink, and sometimes I must attend restaurants which are specialized on meats, but if you look closely almost EVERY restaurant nowadays, either has a vegetarian section or at least a salad section, which you can always remove the cheese and make it a vegan salad ☺

Remember that what you eat is what fuels your body, mind and soul. The better you get to hear your body from your inside out, you will be able to make healthier choices for you own wellbeing.


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