Long ago I wanted to improve my fitness, start running and reduce my weight. Somehow I always had an excuse not to do so, I think probably because I just don’t enjoy running alone.

At my company, many of us were signed up for the 10km and Bogota’s half marathon, quite convinced and confident I could run the 10k I accepted and  decided to start training. I immediately realized I could only run 1km  or so at the gym and I never thought there was another option of training differently.

When I met the group I was looking for the perfect way of training, yet I had only a month before the race. From the first day on I noticed the human quality of the group. Training methods are excellent, not less the motivation and professionalism of Maria Paula.

After 4 weeks of training I achieved my goal, complete the 10km, additionally I continue training for upcoming races with the great side effect and benefits of loosing 5 kg. Now I always want to run, not only does it give me mental and physical benefits but it immediately clears your mind, it becomes more active, as your confidence and positivity increase significantly.

We will always have excuses not to stars and therefore we don’t achieve our goals, but somehow we always have the opportunity to meet people who can help us prepare ourselves, and in this fusion of preparation and opportunity we might meet our luck ….. I wouldn’t have obtained different results if I’d continue doing things the same way, we must find our path and I found it with Live Life!

Alejandro Aristizabal

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