Vegan food uses a lot of nut butters, especially in desserts. Additionally peanut butter is one of the most used butter in snacks or even breakfast. Many people use this kind of butter, however I usually get asked if the butter we get at the supermarket is actually healthy. The truth is that there are multiple options now a days, in which certainly some are much better than others, however what can be better than a homemade almond butter, with no chemicals?

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That’s why today we want to share the recipe for making almond butter. It’s so simple yet so complex since its most important ingredient is patience :) We are posting a step by step photos so you know what to expect while preparing. Hope you enjoy it!

Home Made – Almond Butter  (serves 1/3 cup)


2 cups almonds


To prepare this or any other nut butters you need a very good food processor. It will require a lot of patience and a lot of energy, so we recommend that you prepare enough from the start.

1. Add the almonds to the processor and process!


2. After 3 minutes of processing.


3. You must be opening and cleaning the sides for it to blend properly

butter 5

4. After 15 min of processing.


5. After 35 minutes to process and cleaning the sides.


6. After 50 minutes of processing and LOTS of patience!


7. You did it! From one minute to the other, the mixture is no longer lumpy and becomes liquid itself. Time may vary, it depends on the potency and your processor blades. If you want you can add a little vanilla essence but this will leave the butter sweeter than it actually is by nature.

8. Now enjoy the effort. You can store it in the fridge to last a little longer. Use it on breads, cookies, fruit or dessert.

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