If there is something in Live Life that makes us love what we do is to see faces change when someone meets their goals and give a turn to their lives realizing that happiness is in their own hands. The story we are sharing today is what motivates us every day to continue seeking solutions, innovating but mostly being a support to continue on the path of wellness that can be often very difficult. Today Helena is sharing her experience with Live Life a woman that has undoubtedly become an inspiration to many !


                                                             Before                                                                    After

“Hi, my name is Helena. When I reached Live Life I was looking for help and guidance since I had decided to change my eating style and become vegetarian and then vegan. For me it was a great joy to find a nutritionist who does not only understand but also shares this lifestyle. In my initial assessment we found that with a weight of 94 Kgs I was overweight and approaching the first degree of obesity, I had high blood pressure , triglycerides , and cholesterol where way beyond normal limits… that’s how I realized I was completing all the necessary points to confront a serious cardiovascular disease.

Through a comprehensive and detailed study of my lifestyle, my risk assessment and the necessary changes were identified by Live Life. I started with my personalized wellness program, in which I learned the importance of eating five times a day to avoid prolonged fasting that lead to overeating, I learned to control cravings through the intake of the right foods at the right time, the importance of hydration and daily exercise (30 minutes minimum per day) and the importance of sleep.

The results were immediate, month after month we began to see the scale move, but not only that … my energy levels began to improve dramatically , my general health has been excellent, as never before. I left behind problems such as chronic headache, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, skin rash, and dizziness. In a total of 6 months I lost 22 Kilograms, I learned to eat understanding the needs of my body, I found the source of energy in exercise rather than a way of getting tired, my life in general is better in all aspects and I even found more tranquility and inner peace. You can, we all can, you just need to want the change. To achieving any goal we propose ourselves is very possible … changes has to be genuine, it must come from within because no one can force us to change. Once the decision is made, an assessment from a person an Doctor as Maria Paula will serve as a great support in the process, I can say that I have achieved long-term changes and continuous improvement of my living conditions, no just for me but for my family, because of her. Thank you Maria Paula.”

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