If you’re visiting this site, you probably are considering the idea of ​​starting a new exercise routine or perhaps you are in the process of evaluating and paying attention to what you eat and why you do it, or you just want to explore a bit to decide once and for all on taking a new challenge to your wellness!

In Live Life we consider change comes from within. And with that in mind we want to offer additional space for you, where you can complement your whole wellness process with a deeper knowledge of important aspects in your life, such as emotions, feelings and thoughts that occupy your mind and without realizing it, are determining how you take your life, how you behave and how you nourish your body, nutritionally and emotionally.

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You might be wondering; But how are those two issues related? Let me tell you they are intimately linked. Each of us have grown with a set of ideas and beliefs that lead us to move through life in one way or another and it is evidently seen that our guidelines and behavior at the time of eating have much to do with how we relate to the world, the way we perceive food, our moods and our lifestyle.

They all interact in our daily basis, but most of the time, either by our hectic lifestyles, because we simply don’t have time or just because we don’t pay attention to our issues. We all know that deep down we are not nourishing our bodies and our minds in the way they deserve, when we decide to ignore the fact that behind our behavior is a personal story, a repressed emotion, an unsolved problem, worries, fears and anxiety. Without recognizing it, all this leads us to mistreat of our body and our mind, by choosing food that does us no good and that’s how we become subjected to a vicious circle that we can not leave until the moment we decide to make a stop and get to know ourselves better from the inside, out.

Our invitation today is this: Take a pause and look at the way your body works today, your digestion, your sleep and consider for a moment if these “inputs” we give our bodies, taking into account both the food and the relationships that we have with the world around us, have something to do with those “outputs” or responses your body gives daily, that is, our mood, our personal appearance, our sleep hygiene, our digestion and our wellness state.

The question here would be, “Is your body a reflection of the way your mind is, your little house inside? …… And vice versa?”.

For some this could not be more than a tall tale, but it is seen that a significant percentage of people do not pay enough attention to the actual state of their emotions and their mind, and without realizing it, it really is where you will find the reason of many aches, pains and diseases, yet without knowing it, we spend time, energy and money in medical or cosmetic treatments that ultimately all they do is confuse our path by filling us with ideas that do not contribute to the situation and distract us from the real focus, which is then ignored, and ultimately should be left to float, to consider, evaluate, listen and clean; Our mind, our home, our house.

In Live Life we are convinced that this house needs occasional maintenance or remodeling, as we do with our home, our car and our closet.

It is vital to periodically make this halts on the road and listen carefully to what our mind says, the messages our body sends us, just like when the take the care to the workshop for a technician revision, which checks for water levels, oil and many more items. Well then, we invite you to give yourself personal space, we offer you a place and space where you can check your home, your house, entering each little room, sorting out what goes inside. Dusting out, renewing and/or discarding and thus, having an ideal complement to all your physical process, getting real results by encompassing body, mind and spirit, thus achieving a full wellness state, for that human being who deserves it.

So go ahead! We invite you to listen carefully to what your body tells you and here we are ready to offer you support in every way!

Mariana Mejía Chona


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