Logo sinfirmaA year has 8,760 hours.

The average human spends…

1,994 hours working

486 hours on transport

730 hours watching television

and 2,555 sleeping

That means we have almost 3,000 hours left.

How many of these hours do you spend on yourself?

On your own wellness?

Live Life provides you all the information needed to improve and maintain your wellness.

Sometimes we overestimate the time we dedicate to physical activity, walking or sleeping and we tend to underestimate what we eat.

We barely wonder how often we eat, what types of food we unconsciously prefer and what health consequences we can suffer due to all of this.

Many will be surprised by how little time you really dedicate to yourself.

Nutrition is a key component to achieve wellness, but it’s not the only one. If you don’t address all the components it’s very difficult to maintain wellness since you will be more likely to adopt extreme conducts to achieve certain goals, which like it or not, your body, mind and soul will someday surrender to.

It is vital for you to know where your wellness really is so we can work together on what needs to be improved or changed. At Live Life we use ultimate technology to evaluate all possible aspects of your body, yet no feedback, approach or treatment is ever automatic, our approach is personalized, human and realistic.

By measuring precisely 5 components that ultimately affect our wellness, you will be capable of setting your own goals by knowing what aspects are holding you back.


Each area involves subcomponents that allow us to create a deeper evaluation of your wellness, not only superficial values like weight, pressure and calories.

Every journey starts with a complete assessment followed by a personalized, realistic, human plan, with education in all areas, custom tools, and regular feedback of progress.

We currently offer complete plans for people living in Bogotá and Cali, Colombia.

Distance plans are currently available but are subject to at least 2 -in-person consultations in order to have complete assessment. If in-person consultations are impossible there is the possibility of having assessment and personalized plans subjected to different type of evaluation methods (accuracy varies) for one or more 5 components.

For prices and Details contact us a: info@livelifenutrition.net

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