The myth about mixing up fruits has been around for several years now lurking in the minds of many. Some have been told no to eat certain fruits after an specific hour, or that mixing fruit makes people fat. These are things that sometimes people read in health magazines and vanity but thar are not given a real explanation within a context, leaving to misunderstandings, which in this case involves many healthy habits. That’s why today we want to clarify many of this myths.

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I’ve been told to eat only one type of fruit the whole day, otherwise if I mix them I will gain weight, right?

The truth is that there is no scientific support that says fruit can not be eaten at a specific time and much less that they can’t be mixed. There are some theories that evaluate the rate of fermentation of each fruit, and realizing that some take more time than others, it has been thought that mixing fruits may cause indigestion. However this is a theory, but I know from personal experience, up ’til today, no one in our coaching has suffer from indigestion because of mixing fruits. So do not restrict yourself the pleasure of trying different fruit mixes  add them to your cereal, make a fruit salad or just eat several fruits through out the day, we promise that you will feel great!

At what specific time of day should I eat fruit?

No specific hours, but if something is true is that the earlier you cover the requirement there is less chance you go through out the day without having any. Those who have fruit with their breakfast and as part of their mid-morning and mid-afternoon typically cover the daily requirement with ease. If we leave all our fruits to be consumed late in the afternoon and at night it’s probable we don’t get enough, because in the evenings as we saw in the previous post, few seek something nutritionally balanced. So there is no difference as to the nutritional value or how we digest fruit upon the time of the day we eat them, what makes the difference is how you organize your consumption to meet the daily requirement.

How much fruit should I eat?

The recommendation is 5 portions per day including vegetables. That is between fruits and vegetables we should be having at least 5 servings, that could go something like 3 fruits and two servings of vegetables, or vice versa. The key question here is: how much is a serving? We’ll see on the next question.
The truth is that when we exceed this recommendation we have even more benefits, so just in case you are not a fruit and vegetable lover just keep in mind that the minimum is 5, from there on, much better. Remember that fruits and vegetables are the main sources of vitamins and minerals we need daily in order to have an adequate nutrition. We can be fed but not necessarily nourished, since we can consume energy (ex: rice, meat, potatoes etc) but we are not necessarily receiving all the micronutrients needed, vitamins and minerals in this case. When we have a deficit of these we feel tired after lunch having the need o a nap, and even we can generate anxiety attacks that we don’t know why. So with that in mind, remember to meet your daily servings.

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How much is a serving of fruit ?

This is the key question, and in which many are often confused. A portion of mango is not the same as a serving of strawberries and is not the same as a lot of bananas. For this reason when we get to know our needs through coaching we then evaluate and structure a daily portion need of fruits and vegetables for individual requirements. But to give you a little guide, here are some ideas:

1 Serving of :

Strawberries = 1 and 1/4 cup (190g)
Mango = 1/2 cup (100g)
Papaya = 1 cup (200 g)
Bananas = 1 /2 piece (70g) depending on size, bananas that fit in our hand are 1 portion, but usually the bigger ones is only half a unit
Apple, Pear , Peach, Kiwi = usually the unit itself, medium size.

At work I have no fruit , and I usually don’t carry any with me, what should I do?

Remember that when we want something, really, really want something, we do the impossible. If you really want to feel good, healthy and energetic, what we have to do is anticipate to what our day will be and if we know that we will be all day at work, locked up in our office with limited availability for fruit, we should make the effort to buy them in advance and carry them to work. Another easy and fun way are smoothies, remember that a smoothie can have up to 3 servings of fruit, and if you drink it as part of your breakfast, what’s left to cover the will be much easier through out the day!

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