5 months ago I started with the idea of ​​running, I think it is tacky and certainly contagious, especially when you’re in the hands of a group of people who like you, want to learn to do better every day, but especially when you have a professional in nutrition and physical activity, supporting you in each workout, and giving you the necessary push to not falter in the attempt.

In March I bought a pair of Brooks, definitely my best choice, and with them I walked 10k “The Run Tour Avianca” in 1:55:46 and 11’02 ” pace, it was my first time involved in a race, without any training or preparation, but with the clear goal….to cross the finish line and I did…

lili1Unfortunately the 3 days after the race where disastrous, I could not walk or climb stairs, and not to mention other activities ….. It was then when I realized I needed to prepare myself but I didn’t know how, when, where, or with whom to do so, then for the next three months I did nothing, or almost nothing, because in a month I only ran 12.6 km, something like 3.1 km a week, not to mention that I really managed to do so because I had the glorious view of the Alhambra in front of me!

Another month went by until I finally found the how, when, where, and most importantly, with who: Live Life! Now with only a month of training, I have run 53km, an average 13.2 km per week and I managed to cross the finish line of Bogota’s 10k (MMB) in 1:16:43 and 6’31” pace, unbelievably amazing, something that made me feel completely accomplished!!

lili double

It is now, when I feel so determined to accomplish my next goal. Race 10 races this year: Villa de Leyva, Barcelona, The Color Run, Madrid, Women’s Race, Chicago, Nike and Unicef​​, achieving a better pace and time on each race!

To all those who are wondering how to do so, to all of you who want to get up and run, and do not know how, when, where, or with whom, I can tell you, it’s never to late to start, and I do recommend you not to doubt for a single minute, is the best investment in health and long-term wellness!


Liliana Ladino Melendez

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