Traveling……it’s just the best and most amazing experience to let your mind fly, imagine, get active, socialize, visualize and remind yourself how big and how different this world really is.

I’ve always wonder if what we do is weird or not, well to be honest I’ve never heard any friend/family member talk about their running experiences in other country as they travel for vacations. I do think that jogging or running in other countries is not just a great way to stay active, but an incomparable way to get to know the city.

photo 1

You sumerge into it’s culture…it’s running culture to be more specific, you get to walk around after running in the most comfortable outfit :), you get pumped up with endorphins, you leave behind those typical kilograms/pounds you always put on when you travel just because the only thing you do is eat, but the most important you get to be HAPPY….very HAPPY!

Yeah I know we (SM always comes with me in this crazy running thing) are kindda crazy, but if you give yourself a change, and give this type of foreign running a try, I can almost assure in a 99% that you will like it.

If you do…..please let us know just to reassure if we are undoubtedly out of our minds or not! :)

photo 5

I wanted to share with you guys this nike bracelet/armband I bought in Spain. After dealing with thousand of different armbands for my phone I finally found one that doesn’t make my arm look like a “where’s that phone going with that stick” because iphones are just huge, or they just find a way to move annoyingly when the armband just doesn’t adjust completely. I do give a 5 out of 5 stars review to this one!

 photo 4

Oh and also this delicious smoothie. Just because having fresh fruit in our breakfast has been quite a challenge, I new there had to be some kind of smoothie around. It’s nutritional value and preparation account for all of what we have talked about smoothies vs. juices (full pulp, no sugar added, no additives, no chemicals, no similar flavors  just fruit). So yeah, it’s another 5 out of 5 stars product, specially if you are on the go, or simply don’t have anything available to make a homemade fresh smoothie :)

photo 2

And my last recommendation…..a yoga approved spot!

Even if you think it might be crowded with tourist, (in our case it wasn’t) there’s LOTS of green spots around the Eiffel Tower to make your yoga/stretch session after training :). We had a very fun time taking this pictures!

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

One last thing…..remember to log in your training today! :)

Have any hot spots for running/training/relaxing you can share?

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  • Ana Maria Rojas says:

    Hola Maria Paula, mi nombre es Ana Maria Rojas. He conocido un poco del programa a través de su página y por Lili Ladino. Alguna vez me contacte con ustedes, pero por cuestiones de tiempo no me pude vincular. En este momento, me encuentro en Omaha, Nebraska, estudiando, y regreso a Bogotá en 3 meses. Quisiera saber si hay cosas que puedo hacer por acá para empezar a trabajar en mi…. Quedo pendiente.
    Ana Maria

    • Ana María Buenos Días!
      Por lo pronto te invitamos a que nos sigas en instagram y en facebook para que a través de las recetas y los tips puedas ir implementando buenos habitos e ideas. En cuanto llegues a Bogota te esperamos para realizar toda la valoración, pues es tan personal y extensiva que es difícil hacerla a distancia. Te estaremos esperando a tu regreso! Namaste!

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