The benefits of exercise are endless, in fact I do believe that the negative consequences are minimal or even nonexistent if the approach and the evolution of it is done properly.

IMG_3355Maintaining a healthy weight …
Regular blood pressure
Improves mood
Improves bone density
Maintains muscle composition
Lowers and maintains cholesterol levels
Regulates appetite
Regulates sleep …

and the list could go on. For this and because it makes me feel free, is that I believe exercise is the best medicine. If you have never experienced this I invite you to go for a jog, go for a run, swim, jump, bike, lift weights, go to dance classes, etc! Do whatever you enjoy. The idea is that you like it, and I promise that after that session you will feel much better in all aspects of life, including the capacity of thinking clearer :)

In the desire of sharing this happiness, adrenaline and the benefits of exercise was the reason why Live Life Team came up. A team that is not made up of athletes, is made up of people, real humans, who want to feel good about themselves, overcome their own goals and be better every day to make this world a better place. Because when we are at peace with ourselves and we feel good , we enter a world of positivity and that’s what we give in turn to our mother earth.

Thus I decided to leave out specific personal training, as this team has been the biggest proof that motivation is contagious and so the idea of group training arises. Because when we see others do what we would like to accomplish, and they themselves are the ones who push us, then we know we are not alone on this planet dreaming crazy of jogging 10k, finishing a half marathon or even think about jogging for 4 hours straight to cover 42km. And while some simply do it for health, energy liberation, or mind relaxation, this space will always be the place that everyone gives themselves to grow.


We have completed one month of training, 3 weekly sessions, with tons of dedication and effort, with a final reward … cross the finish line last Sunday, July 28, in the 10k and Bogota’s Half Marathon. Reduce time, improve posture, increase time of nonstop jogging, or just complete the distance, each with a personal goal, but all driven by the desire and the adrenaline of the group. Some escorted us from the stands with all the patience needed to handle an injury, others have not yet engaged in races, but are given themselves at least 5 hours a week to enter another scene, away from traffic, offices, stress and 40 TVs that today invade gyms.


I would like to take this opportunity again to congratulate each team member, because “the miracle is not that you finished, the miracle is that you had the courage to start”. An applause to all of you for making this possible and a big thanks for allowing me not only to share my knowledge, but the joy and adrenaline of working out that undoubtedly makes us happier.


Welcome to everyone who wants to be part of this great group and a lot of strength and dedication to all those who are already part of it, we continue with the second phase working towards upcoming races.

If you want more information contact us at

Remember this is a space you give yourself!

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