Hunting for new restaurants, foods, and preparations has always been an experience I enjoy as much as working out. (I know, many might be thinking….quite a comparison…but yeah it is :) )

So on our recent trip to the other side of the world, I did engage in a long search of vegan and vegetarian specialized restaurants. Not only was the idea of eating in specialized vegan restaurants amazing, but getting to know that there really are thousand of foods and preparations, cruelty free, that taste indescribable, was really a soul renovating experience!

So here’s a little resume of our experience as vegan and vegetarian (SM) through out Barcelona, a city that has evidently a much ampler experience with vegetarian and vegan food stocking than any city in Colombia.


(Diputació 251 08007 Barcelona)

A non vegan restaurant, with vegan and vegetarian options in the menu. I just love this place, you get to sit in a relax, peaceful place no matter the time, and really enjoy your food as you get contagious with the idea of being ecologically friendly, eating local and even recycling. An eco-friendly spot, with a variety of meals for both meat-eaters and vegans. Recommended if your looking for a light meal and if you are probably in a rush, it might work as a healthy fast food option.


In each table you will find a magazine type of menu called “All about Fastvinic” in which you will find each meal, with all it’s ingredients numbered and next to that a picture of the local farmer who produces each food and it’s exact location.


This time I had a Zucchini Sandwich and SM had a VEGGIE BURGER. The sandwich was great, burger could have had a stronger taste to it’s sauce.



Juicy Jones

(Carrer Hospital, 74, Barcelona)

I believe it’s one of the oldest, if not, THE OLDEST vegan restaurant in Barcelona. With an 80’s, hippie look you wouldn’t ever think this place was vegan if you were standing outside. But I do  have to say we had a great time. Relaxed, chilled and a complete new experience with vegan food. Trust me, if you drag someone in here and have them order the daily menu, which is what we ordered, they might never find out they were eating vegan, and if so, they might questioned why it tasted so good :)

Juicy Jones 1

But that’s it, vegan food is amazing, and it has an unbelievable world of new tastes and sensations lying within it.

The daily menu has 4 options for each course, a starter, a main course and a dessert. We had a greek salad with cashew yogurt  as a starter.

Juicy Jones 2

A wheat and beet hamburger, with mustard and fried veggies, French fries  and homemade ketchup. The taste of the beet it self was amazing in the burger, and the fried veggies where delicious, a first which we really liked.

Juicy Jones 3

Finally we had a banana cake, sweet, soft, and full of flavor, never would have guessed it was cruelty free. Delicious.

Juicy Jones 5

The place is also famous for the smoothies, so I order one, which I never do with main courses as I always drink water, but it was a great choice, smoothies are really a must in this place. I had an apple, lime, avocado, lettuce and alfalfa mix.

Juicy Jones 4

Teresa Carles

(Carrer de Jovellanos, 2, Barcelona, España)

A multi option restaurant, vegan, vegetarian, raw, and gluten free friendly.

Teresa Carles 1

A must go to, especially for dinner. We didn’t have the chance to eat at the place itself, it was crowded and the waiting line was pretty unrealistic for a really hungry stomach, so we ordered for take away. Yet you could figure out making a reservation with anticipation, because it’s worth it. 

Teresa Carles 2

As a matter of fact we all went for burgers one more time. SM and family ordered a Seitan burger, with whole wheat bread, cheddar cheese, and pickles

Teresa Carles 3

I ordered 3 mini burgers tasters, one of seitan, another of soy and another of beet. Each one to its exclusive taste, a recommended course if you like trying vegetarian burgers. I had never even heard about beet burgers, and I do have to say I really like them.

Teresa Carles 4

So as to vegan or vegetarian friendly places not exactly to “survive”, but to enrich our experiences in other places of the world, Barcelona does have a friendly and welcoming spot for us. And for meat eaters if you are interested in trying just for the sake of it, this type of food I can assure with no doubt you will like any of this places.

Barcelona has tons of places for eating out great food. Remember if you want to keep updated on my worldwide experience and review of food follow me in foodspotting!

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