Nowadays healthy eating is an issue that concerns everyone. Yet it seems an impossible task especially when the world is accelerating, when society increasingly demands more of our time for others, for the system, the economy, and less and less time for ourselves, for our health, for our family, for our wellness.

Being aware of how our day goes is the first step to making a difference for our well-being. When you really want to change something either in your environment or yourselves, we must be convinced that we want to make that change and why we want to make it, otherwise we will be adopting a temporary behavior and returning to our “normal” habits sooner than later.


Portovegsa Especial

The weak spot of many is something I consider extremely important yet so simple, and that is to preserve a healthy eating habit during working hours. From my own experience and because it is the most common story amongst my patients I know very well that the most common claim is that to eat healthy during the week is mission impossible, “we have to eat what the office provides, or that which is walking distance, or the cheapest, or the fastest and most practical, and oh well we go to the place everybody goes”.

You may be wondering where that burger above comes from. It is a place I wanted to share with you guys, a very special place. A place in Bogota (Colombia) that everyone should know. A place for those who have never tried vegetarian or vegan, that will provide the true pleasure of it, without sacrificing flavor, texture and much less animals.

Let me introduce you to Caballate y Berenjena

The story of the founders even, is very cute, and it shows that the love with which they created this business, is the same love with which they cook daily. I’ve had the chance to try multiple dishes and even invite many people to do so, without having anyone unsatisfied, especially for being a vegan or vegetarian dish.

Caballete y Berenjena is an online restaurant, which reiterates once more that healthy eating during working hours is possible,  that it should not be expensive and anything but boring. They provide very good service and even make deals with discounts some days of the week. Here are some dishes, you can see how fresh they arrive to your place.


Packing is great!


Hamburvegsa Especial de Lentejas, delicious!


Sandwich – Berenjena Roast, it’s a must if you live eggplants and tofu :)


Clásico Americano, for peanut butter lovers!

Not only is it eye catching, because let’s be real, food needs to feed our eyes before deciding whether we want it or not, but also flavors are unique to each preparation, so it’s hard to get bored of the same food over and over again. Another amazing fact is that prices are just perfect! They really have endeavored to show us all that vegan, vegetarian, healthy, or organic must not be expensive, and you can see that for yourself when you try it, because they do use high quality ingredients.

I think the rest you all can judge once you try it, I promise you will love it.

Caballete y Berenjena, Thanks for giving us the opportunity to eat cruelty free food, full of flavors. Wishing the best for you guys!

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