Eating out can make us feel vulnerable, just because we lose control of what we eat, either because we don’t have a choice or options are very limited and not very healthy. But eating out is a treat for many and so it should not become a headache when you’re trying to lose weight. The key as always is portion control. When we control our portions, eating out can be a nice experience.

So, what should I eat when I’m away from home?


Nowadays the choices are countless, but choosing a place to eat goes hand in hand with the your preferences. Excluding fast food chain restaurants, it is likely that the vast majority of places provide good choices, if we read the whole menu.

Today many restaurants offer vegetarian options, salads and sides that are pretty healthy, plus we can also request changes in preparation in order to create a healthier dish.

So when you eat away from home keep in mind these 5 tips:

Avoid or Control courtesies!

Bread, nachos, or any house courtesy also have calories in them, and usually they are rich in fats, for which there is no high nutritional value in them. Bread, oil, butter etc, add calories to your meals, if you want to avoid these extra calories, simply avoid them, or otherwise commit yourself to only eat a slice or portion.

Beware of sauces!

We can have healthy preparations, but when sauces are added to make them more exquisite to the palate , many stop being healthy. Choose preparations that contain housemade sauces, preferably clear based with vegetables and spices. White base sauces are made our of cream or butter, which puts more fat to the dish unnecessarily.

Check the salads!

When ordering salads ask everything you need to know before hand. We often find preparations that just because they contain lettuce and tomate, end up in the salad section. When you realize, they are full of fatty cheese, bacon, some kind of tempura (fried) or even many canned products that will make your salad anything but a healthy choice.


Ask about the vinaigrette!

When you oder salads always ask what does the vinaigrette contains. A good option is to always ask for the vinaigrette aside. Usually in restaurants vinaigrettes are made using mayo, milk, cream, or oil to create a more palatable salad. This is not necessarily healthy. So if you ask for vinaigrette on the side, you will choose how much you pour into it.

Portion Control!

When you’re in front of a burger, sandwich or something that involves a lot of bread, removing one of the side will certainly help regulate carbohydrate intake. If you you’re already eating something with a high intake of calories especially from fat, slightly modifying the portion certainly will help. Also for dishes where the protein (call it beef, chicken , pork, etc.) is very large, you’re the one paying for the dish so you are more than welcome to request the smallest portion available. Remember that you are the one paying for a service, so a good restaurant will accommodate to it’s customer needs .

How do you take care of yourself when you eat out? If you want more tips read here.

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