Have you ever wondered how what you do on a daily basis affects your environment and the environment of others?

If there is something I have personally learned along the path of life and that it should be the first thing everyone should learn at an early age is that this world is not ours. This world is not mine, not yours, nor ours. We belong to it and we are privileged to be able to experience it, to breathe it, to transform, but sadly we are also able to destroy it. We belong to mother earth, but unfortunately we many times live thinking that the world belongs to us and so we create and destroy as if we were the only living creatures in it. Sometimes we forget that we live in a world where there are thousands of other species, we forget that simple things like walking or biking have a big impact on the environment, or that eating less animals not only brings peace to the soul and health to the body, but also that the emission of gases that cause the greenhouse effect could be reduced dramatically to stop the destruction of many ecological systems.

earth day

Now, we could think, and how does any of that has to do with me?

The truth is, it has everything to do with us, mother earth is a perfectly created system that by nature it is transformed and regenerated, but these processes are being altered by our own hands, preventing regeneration of faunas, depleting the water available for human consumption, and even destroying vital ecosystems for us to breathe. And without going into scientific data something clear and that of which we speak little, the world is becoming more aggressive, there is less time for the body, the soul and the mind, there is more need to stay up late, stress out more, work more, buy more, sacrifice our health, and then become a puppet of the system where consumerism is the first ingredient into destroying mother earth.

What about our roots? what we are in essence? that which allows us to breathe, where has all this gone to?

Change begins with me, with you and with all of us who are committed to making this world a better place, with everyday actions. Who’s Joining us?

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