A year ago I realized I wanted to start running, in order to increase my physical activity, clear my mind and get better results in my daily life. I must confess it was not easy, at first I ran 5 minutes and felt that it was enough, I told myself  “stop, you’ve done enough, you can do more tomorrow.” This lasted a few months and although I increased the time for each run and my mental noise went down, my motivation did not last long and I stopped running.


Three months ago I met the Live Life team an realized it was the door to that which I tried long ago, so I decided to try again. I began to realize it was different, the fact of being accompanied by people with and without experience, all gathered for the same reason, brought in me a sense of challenge and motivation. At first the training was hard, I had no running technique and my mind managed to focused  yet it was distracted by the pain and fatigue or simply blown away by the “foolish desire to stop.”

Maria Paula realized this, ran with me while telling me what to correct in my running technique. Session after session she guided me on how to do it, it was then when I realized tiredness stopped appearing, I became conscious that if I do greater pains, there was really no reason to stop when he ran. I continued training and increasingly improved my physical condition which motivated me to go ahead and acknowledge my first big challenge, running a 10K race.


That was how I joined the 10K Polar Race focusing all my energy on it. I set mi mind on two goal, 1 to get to the finish line and 2 no to stop even if that meant a very slow jog. The result: I DID IT!. After 1 hour and 16 minutes without stopping I crossed the finish line. From the moment I crossed the finish line all I could think was “It was worth the effort and dedication. And it will be worth it every time our soul really wants to accomplish something”

maria1 Today I can feel that my running, beyond improving my physical condition, takes me to a place where I have the opportunity to think about me, feel alive in every way, discover the many ways that I can breathe, hear my heart and also continue discovering that every step of life is simply a choice to continue or stop. Either choice being valid according to where in live you wanna go.


I want to thank the wonderful Live Life team, for the company, the energy and Maria Paula’s orientation have made this possible and are now my increasing motivation to keep on going.

 Maria Figueroa Uribe.

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