Remember in January we launched the Challenge Live Life Headstand? Well, we are glad to announce we had a high number of participants, and the posts who were fighting for the first place were pretty close, so we decided to reward second place as well. Today Cielo Laverde, who came in second place, shares her experience while learning to do a headstand, and she also sent us some pictures celebrating her gift. Congratulations Cielo!

A few months ago I started running 3 miles a week. Although I started with no experience, it was a challenge I decided to take to realize that what one intends, one can achieve. It was hard to keep jogging without making a stopping every now and then, so I started running the first mile and then making intervals between run/walk. Slowly I started gaining strength and cardio resistance until on November 24, 2013 I ran my first 5k without stopping! The fruits of my effort, my faith in myself and the power of my mind helped me achieve this.

cielo 1

When Live Life Nutrition For The Soul posted on the Headstands challenge, at first I was a little scared, but I as I say the tips on the website, in a short time I was able to do a headstand. Each day, standing on my head becomes firmer, my confidence grows and I start to believe that when you want something really bad, it’s just possible. This challenge prompted me to try something that 17 years ago I left behind (I used to practice gymnastics) a dream I didn’t followed, but that when I began practicing yoga, it reborn one more time in my mind and in my body.

Headstanding taught me that everything should be done with love, peace, concentration and patience. Well, it’s something that is not done overnight neither is something one is born learned. And this applies to everything we do in our life’s. I was glad to see so many of my friends and family (including my husband, my brother in law, and my dad) join the challenge when they saw my first picture doing a headstand.

The word challenge means it’s a difficult goal to accomplish, and therefore constitutes an encouragement and a challenge for whoever faces it. For many just the fact of seeing pictures of people headstanding, brings into their mind the need to meet the challenge, because nothing is impossible, and once you accept the challenge you will prove to yourself, that you have enough confidence to achieve what seems impossible.


Headstands is jut another perspective of this world, it allows to prove ourselves that whatever one sets can be achieved with the power of the mind, the body and the soul. My process began practicing yoga but not daring to try difficult poses. This challenge, challenged me off my feet and put me upside down, and just enjoy the world from another perspective. A more subtle and less complicated perspective (in my mind) when I succeeded. I started using the wall, then I took off a little more, I even used my dad as a wall and ended up on the floor, at the gym but the people watching made ​​me fall, until little by little, attempt after attempt , fall after fall, I did it!

So if a person that doesn’t practice yoga neither has flexibility, is able to do a headstand, why don’t you try it too? Let’s Headstand!

Cielo Laverde

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