Never thought making ice cream could be so easy! After becoming vegan, yeah I not only had to give up on chocolate milk but on the delicious brownie Ice cream I used to have :(

Good News VEGANS CAN ALSO HAVE ICE CREAM! ok not only vegans but, you a vegetarian, or meat eater this ice cream is a perfect alternative for a dessert, no milk, no white sugar, no heavy whip cream etc. Just fruit and a cream of your choice!

Chocolate Banana Icecream4

Chocolate Banana Ice cream (serves 1)


1 1/2 frozen banana
2 tsp of agave syrup, maple syrup or honey (you choose, I used agave syrup)
2 tbs of chocolate cream (if you are a fan of Nutella and not a vegan go ahead, if you are vegan and you want to know what type of cream I used let me know)


1. Freeze the bananas over night.(If you don’t have all this time try it for at least 4-5 hours)

2. Add them into a food processor, blender, or whatever you have that can make a smooth texture. Add the chocolate cream and the syrup or honey and mix.

Chocolate Banana Icecream1

3. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours specially if you are in a hot climate. I didn’t  have all this time, so I left it about 2 hours and it didn’t last long frozen once it was on the plate. The more time you give it in the fridge the better texture you’ll have.

4. Add chunks of whatever you like. I added litte chunks of banana and strawberry.
Chocolate Banana Icecream2

Chocolate Banana Icecream3

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