You can’t imagine how happy we are to see that our community is conformed from many parts of the world! Presence from Germany, Sao Paulo and Madrid just to mention few and within Colombia, we had presence from Neiva, Medellin, Cucuta, Cartagena, and with a nigh shout out, Cali came in first! Are you prepared for this news? Because Cali asked for it, we will be having our consulting program 8 and 9 of October. Remember our wellness program is open to anyone looking for weight loss, obesity, athletes, those passioned for sports, those looking to build more muscle, vegetarians, vegans, and in general anyone looking to achieve a higher wellness. Live Life as its name says is not about a diet is a way of living. Consulting is limited to the first 12 people sign up. If you want to obtain your consulting program, send us an email to telling us what you expect to receive from our consulting program. From there we will stay in touch to notify you if you make part of this 12 new community members. I’m so excited to see my “caleños”. If you know about someone else that might be interested don’t keep the information to yourself invite them over, the path through wellness is even more beautiful when walk it with others by our side!


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