On a daily basis our patients make us pretty happy when they tell us they are more than happy to have found a new type of consulting. When creating Live Life, the base and roots from where we started was exactly that premise, something new, something fresh and something different. I have always believed that nutrition can not be addressed by itself, it has many components to it that if left unattended benefits can be just as lame. It is possible to eat healthy but if we are sedentary, our cardiovascular risk and even the possibility of being overweight over the years will be latent. On the other hand we can be very active or even athletes, but if our food is not adequate, exercise can then become more than a healthy, something risky, as the possibility of suffering heart attacks during exercise, although difficult to believe, exists.



That’s why we developed the BieneStar© method, that integrates all areas that directly or indirectly affect health. Through a 100% personalized consulting, we stipulate the current situation of each individual vs. the ideal situation in which he or she should be to promote their wellness and ensure many years of longevity. From a detailed analysis of nutrition habits to a deep evaluation of sleeping patterns, Live Life bring to your hands all the tools to take your wellness to its fullest.

If you want to know more, or are on the way to pursuit you maximum wellness, contact us info@livelifenutrition.net.

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