This is a term I came across our last trip to California, and I would like to share it with you because I think it describes a situation in which many of us vegans have been encountered to. Read about it and let us know how flexible are you or are willing to become if you encounter a situation like the one here.


I often get asked how do I eat out if there is nothing else I can order than a salad. People always end up telling me “it must be quite hard and boring right?” Well I do have to say it’s not the easiest thing on earth, being vegan gets you thinking twice before eating out, but it’s not the end of the world there are several things you can do when dinning out.

Leaving home for more than 2 days ALWAYS requires me to plan ahead of time into what concerns food. If there is something I enjoy of traveling is getting to know different foods and preparations, and thus I love searching the web for the best local, organic, and vegan/vegetarian places at our next destination, which should be the first step always. Just make sure you know the places you could go to while on you trip, having in mind distance, price, and a place being friendly to everyone if you are going with non vegan people.

When for some reason or another we cannot get to any of these pre-looked up places, I, personally, always end up ordering salads without cheese or diary-based vinaigrettes, but lets be realistic, they don’t taste that good if you take both things out and don’t replace them. That’s why being vegetarian is WAY easier when talking about eating out. And that´s where being flexi vegan comes to play, SM’s friend introduced this term which I really liked in which just as the name says you can be a little flexible in your options. The good thing is, each and every one of you decides how much flexibility you allow into your life.

For me, this trip was a real learning experience because for the first time I was confronted in places where there was NOTHING I could eat, seriously. It either had eggs, milk, or some kind of meat within its preparation. So I realize I had two choices, I could make the trip a whole enjoyable experience or an starvation journey.

The dilemma popped up, and I either had a vegetarian style diet, accepting the not so friendly feeling of eating dairy or eggs, but still getting something nutritionally good, or I starve until I could get something vegan into my body. I tried both and let me tell you the first option works best.

As I encountered multiple restaurants with NO POSSIBLE VEGAN variations I decided I would eat the dish with the “less containing” proportion, of JUST milk, eggs, butter, or cheese, No Meat, NEVER! So this is how I became a flexi-vegan, just because it’s much better eating a slice of cheese tan getting your whole day around with nothing in your stomach and an awful headache. Nutrition-wise is just not healthy, so yeah, it’s better to have a vegetarian attitude instead.

The learning experience comes as part of a well-balanced life, in which I make the wisest choice available, and avoid an uncomfortable hungriness, having in mind that I’m here to enjoy a traveling experience, and that by no means will this bring me back into being vegetarian or omnivore the other 99% of my time.

So the invitation for you all is to enjoy your trips by making wise choices that feel right for you! No matter what other people say, you and only you have a straight connection with you body, mind, and soul that will allow you to make a good decision upon you flexibility and believes, but by all means don’t starve!

 So go ahead have a piece of cake!

flexi vegan copy

……Just kidding! That’s quite big and might be just a little bit too dry and hard 😉

flexi vegan2

Oh and NON-vegans, you could make this the other way around, try having a plant-based diet every Monday, or two days a week, just so you give it a try, I promise you will feel your energy raise, you will gain a deeper sleep, and above all you will live with a sense of a more healthier you.


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