The thing I like about making home made spreads and sauces is that you will have to come up with new dishes to use the same spread for at least 2-3 days because I never make quantity of spreads and mayos for one day only. So you might see around various wraps or sandwiches but I promise you they do taste very different once you change the spread or sauce. This one is great for in a hurry meal!

The idea is to make a fast meal, even if you eat traditional sandwiches, a vehicle to eat your veggies, that’s why I encourage you to have sandwichs WITH ALL THE VEGGIES you can, not only cheese and ham, even though that might be a life saver every now and then.

Asparagus, Seitan and Avocado Sandwich1

Avocado and Seitan Sandwich with Asparagus Spread (serves 1)

Asparagus Spread (as much as you like)
2 breads (whole wheat preferably) or any of your choice
2 thin avocado slices
2 thin tomato slices
lettuce leaves
2 oz of seitan (this one was not home made either, if you want to make your own seitan there are many recipes on the web and we would like to hear about it)
Salt and Pepper to taste


1. Toast the bread. In a pan cook the seitan

2. Add the mayo to the breads, and in the order you prefer add all the ingredients.

Asparagus, Seitan and Avocado Sandwich2

Oh yeah! As simple as a sandwich, but as delicious as a complex, well balanced, nutritional meal. 
Asparagus, Seitan and Avocado Sandwich3


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